Industrial Green Water Base Non Stick Coating

Certificatin : FDA,LFGB, REACH,ROHS
Applications : Small Electrics,Bakeware,Cookware
  • Application-
  • Film thickness (μm)20-30
  • Inadhesion★★★★★
  • Heat resistance★★★★★
  • Frictional resistance★★★★★
  • Corrosion resistance★★★★★
  • Application TechSpraying
  • Curing temperature360-380

Product characteristics

Mold special non-dip paint is widely used in various industrial demoulding, currently widely used in shoe mold, tire mold, ball mold, textile printing and dyeing drum, rubber mold and various pipe anticorrosion. The industrial non-stick coatings produced by our company have superior performance, longer durability and better wear resistance. The company has produced and sold a variety of high-quality non-dip paint, and provide technical support. Welcome to inquire!


SOVIFOR is specialized in the production of silicone high performance coatings, fluorine resin polymer coatings manufacturers, the company has its own R & D team, technology patent products, product quality is excellent, can replace or better than similar products abroad. Products cover non-stick coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings, ceramic coatings, waterborne coatings and other coating products. Passed the United States drug food safety certification FDA、 the European Union ROHS、REACH、 Germany LFGB and other standards.