Teflon Non Stick Coating Manufacturer

Certificatin : FDA,LFGB, REACH,ROHS
Applications : Small Electrics,Bakeware,Cookware
  • Application-
  • Film thickness (μm)20-30
  • Inadhesion★★★★★
  • Heat resistance★★★★★
  • Frictional resistance★★★★★
  • Corrosion resistance★★★★★
  • Application TechSpraying
  • Curing temperature280 c

Non-stick Coating Product characteristic

       CRM-S series of coatings, on the basis of S series of tool-specific coatings to enhance hardness, strong non-stick performance, hardness up to 7 H, curing temperature 250-280 degrees, spray area 8 square, can be detected by FDA LFGB ROHS CA65REACH, material treatment sand blasting / phosphating.

It is suitable for different performance requirements such as changeable color requirements, anticorrosion, non-stick, wear resistance of each metal material surface, etc. This product has strong general performance! It can be made on a one-to-one basis, modified by our company, as follows

1. used on cake tray using reverse osmosis principle to make non-stick better, example cake shop use 1500 times.

2. used in barbecue plate each tool hardness resistant to shovel wear-resistant surface delicate and smooth performance, won a large number of cooperative manufacturers praise.

3. used for metal decorative coating, changeable color gloss different combinations to form a rainbow-like color, marble wheat and rice stone gradually discolored spots, and so on. can provide technical support.